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Patent Infringement Update: Federal Circuit Bans Sale of Microsoft Word – Florida Patent Lawyer Blog

Written by Mark Terry  What options are available to a patent holder seeking to enforce his patent? When suing a company that infringes your patent, what can you hope to achieve? Can you really stop an infringer from infringing your patent? As a Florida patent attorney, I get these questions a lot. And just recently, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit weighed in on these issues. Last week, the Federal Circuit affirmed a lower court decision to permanently enjoin Microsoft from selling its flagship Microsoft Word product. The permanent injunction, effective January 11, 2010, prohibits Microsoft from selling,

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When Can a Patent-Related Letter Spawn a Declaratory Judgment Action? – Florida Patent Lawyer Blog

Written by Mark Terry    As a Miami Patent Lawyer specializing in intellectual property issues, I frequently host clients who tell me their patent is being infringed upon. What kinds of letters can I send out to infringers without worrying about a declaratory judgment action in their forum? The Federal Circuit chimed in on this issue this past December and it has (at least somewhat) changed the rules of the game. The Federal Circuit case of Hewlett-Packard Co. v. Acceleron, LLC involved a letter that patent-holder Acceleron sent to an alleged infringer, Hewlett-Packard. The letter didn’t say much. In short, the letter brought an Acceleron patent

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